Reality Cupcakes

Sushi, nachos, burgers and more. A show about cupcakes that look like everything but cake.

ASPIREist Seasons 1&2

A half-hour news magazine for the 21st century, featuring George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Russell Brand and more. A national Edward R. Murrow award and four EPPYs.

Colgate Women's Games - Chasing Dreams

Homeless track stars: The inspiring story of perhaps the swiftest sisters in the nation.

Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

Something in Lake Okeechobee is contaminating beaches, destroying businesses, and poisoning swimmers. Correspondent Kait Parker traveled to Florida to investigate.

ID NOW Seasons 1&2

Sex on a ferris wheel, a mysterious body in the woods, and a city of unsolved murders on Investigation Discovery digital.

Cosecha de Miseria (Harvest of Misery)

We followed a cup of coffee back to the source and what we found will change the way you think about your morning cup. 2017 Emmy Winner.

The Real Death Valley

Emmy, Polk, IRE, SPJ…this thing won more awards than anything…ever? The gut-wrenching story of why hundreds of corpses are turning up in Texas county.

Influencers and Innovation

Where does this sh*t come from? The dude who invented the digital camera. The man behind the first search engine. A series about the inventions that changed our world.

Sports Matter - A Holiday Assist

One of our proudest moments, we helped save girls’ hockey in Alaska!

President Obama on Race

They actually let us interview the president.

Women in Prison

What’s life like in a women’s prison? We made an award-winning series for the NYT and Netflix, which Fast Company called one of the best ads of the year.

Car Club USA

Exploding cars, amphibious cars, time-machine cars, and lots of other weird stuff on wheels.

The Great Rewrite Seasons 1&2

The world as we know it is being completely rewritten. This 160-video series looks at how innovative companies are breaking barriers and changing everything we know.

How Far Will You Take It?

Shark diving, skydiving, and rolling down a hill in a hamster ball. In other words, Shawn’s perfect day.

The Somalia Project

A feature-length doc about a ragged band of pirate hunters in Somalia.

Own Your Tomorrow

Hate your job? Want to change everything? This guy went from a suit-wearing government lawyer to a surfing yogi. Inspiring dude.

Virus Hunters

Scary ass diseases, the people who got them, the people who treated them, and a few who lived.

I Am Unstoppable

A one-legged triathlete. An Olympian who escaped a death camp. A legless mountain climber. No more excuses for not working out!

Home of The Brave

War stories told the way soldiers tell them to each other, with the grit left in.

ASPIREist Season 1

A news magazine for millennials with TED Talks stars as talent. Winner of Editor and Publisher’s EPPY.

Moawia's Story

From homelessness to raising venture capital. Moawia’s story will make you believe in the American dream.

Coming of Age

What does it mean to be a financial grownup? Watch these videos to find out.

How We Broke the News

Creative, crazy ways to tell your family you’re having a baby.

Cabin Pressure Cook Off

Our own version of Top Chef! The grocery bill was $16,000. Not kidding.

Special Spaces

Our first “shelter show.” A look at homes that reflect the personal passions of their owners.